Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I served 6 years in the US Marines serving in the Infantry as well as in the communications field.  While in the Infantry I served in Kawait & Iraq during OIF.  I served out of the JOTF HOA base in Africa for OEF.  While there I served in the QRF for the Embassy protected US asset Ships traveling through the water way, patrolled Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Kenya.  After these deployments, I served in the communications field working with Radio, Multi-Channel Radio, Telephone, Data and Satellite Communications technology.   I currently work for the Department of the Navy at the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake.  I work in the Labs for the F/A-18 & EA-18G Advanced Weapons Laboratory.  I got this job because of my background with computers.  I have been working on computers since I was a child, at age 9 I was taught by NOVELL Certified Technicians.  I started working with MS DOS when I was about 5.  I have a long history of IT Administration.  I have worked both in IT Administration as well as IT Security.  With this position, I keep the systems secure and functional and have picked up much in the Avionics field.  For my future goals, I very much would enjoy getting into Unmanned Aerospace Systems, specifically in astronautics.  I would enjoy working with Space borne remote sensing technology.   

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